Italian Heritage

The Bay Area is a rich environment as far as the Italian heritage is concerned. some organizations have done an amazing job furthering the appreciation of Italian art, culture, language and cuisine.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Located in principal cities on five continents, the 90 Italian Cultural Institutes are ideal meeting places for intellectuals and artists, for professionals working with cultural organizations and events, and for members of the public interested in culture. The Institutes serve both citizens of their host countries and Italian citizens who wish to commence or maintain a relationship with our country.

Propelling a wide range of cultural initiatives and events, the Institutes offer a taste of Italy and a source to up to date information on “Sistema Paese.” They have become an essential point of reference for Italian collectives abroad and for the growing demand for Italian culture which is evident around the world.

Museo ItaloAmericano

The Museo ItaloAmericano is the only museum in the United States devoted exclusively to Italian and Italian-American art and culture. Established in 1978, the Museo ItaloAmericano is a non-profit institution governed by a Board of Directors.

The mission of the Museo ItaloAmericano is twofold: to research, collect, and display works of Italian and Italian-American artists, and to promote educational programs for the appreciation of Italian art and culture, thereby preserving the heritage of Italian-Americans for future generations.

Italian Film Festival

Originally started as an informal, one-time only presentation of Italian movies in a college lecture hall, the Italian Film Festival of Marin County has grown over its 31 years into a perennial favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the beginning it has been a labor of love for its longtime director, Lido Cantarutti. Under his direction the program has included appearances from Italian film directors and composers, dignitaries of the Italian and Italian-American communities, and an authentically Italian atmosphere at every presentation. The centerpiece, however, is always top-quality Italian cinema.

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