Culinary Trips to Italy

Through Italy in SF, you can plan your ideal, custom-designed culinary trip to Italy!

Vanessa offers bespoke travel consultancy to enable you to explore the epicurean traditions of her home country. Discover Italy off the beaten path: enjoy the homemade pasta of Romagna, travel to a balsamic vinegar producer for a custom barrel tasting, and take a peek in a Parmigiano cheese facility. Vanessa can help you book your cooking classes in Italy, find a driver and an interpreter, and also book you on some hidden tours! In addition, she organizes four times a year (and on demand at other times) “Romagna and Its Storied Culinary Tradition,” a unique recreational cooking school and culinary cultural tour uncovering the incredible richness of “la cucina” in Romagna, Italy. This tour is limited to 12 guests. For any questions or requests, please visit Global Epicurean, our travel consultancy, or contact Vanessa at

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