Editorial Policy

I write about what I like. That is fairly simple and straight forward, and it summarizes all of my editorial policy. It means you cannot pay me to be published on Italy in SF- that’s what advertisement is for. It means I will not post negative reviews- if I don’t like a place, no need to be bashing! It also means I will sing endless praises of the places I truly love (I am sure if you’ve been following me around you know about my Perbacco addiction!), and that will get me to know the owners/ chefs/ staff at various places. Do I get preferential treatment? Sometimes. Do I say I am a food writer? At the end of the meal, I usually ask to exchange a few words with the chef if I liked the food (and I learn all about the best dishes and the secret ingredients!). Will you find here a review of a so-so place just because I am friend with the owner? Absolutely not.

I also collect recommendations and reviews from other fellow Italians who live in the Bay Area. These are people whose judgment I completely trust, and I will write up a place on their behalf if they loved it. I will also ask them to write and participate in this forum. So, will I write about a place I wasn’t completely sold on, but on which the Italian community is ravishing? Of course! I am a picky eater, coming from a family of restaurateurs, and sometimes I am just overly critical. That’s where my friends step in and help me out!

One Response to “Editorial Policy”

  1. Hi! I love Italy and I wish I were Italian! We tried a new Italian restaurant in the Castro last night and wanted to recommend it to you. The name of it is “Poesia”. It is Calabrian cuisine. It is an owner/chef situation – so homemade pastas & desserts abound. Our waiter “Luigi” was a total character, he is from Capri — he wants to start a mozzerella business (he hates american mozerrella and belives there’s a need for the real stuff). Anyways, the folks here (real Italians vs. pretend ones like me) would be good to have in your rolodex. They’re real foodies too, just wanted to pass this recommendation on. Love, Barbara