Mulino Bianco on the Bay Area shelves!

Mulino Bianco cookies, Italy’s favorite breakfast food ever!, are coming to Bay Area stores all over! Sightings include Woodside Deli (pictures) and AG Ferrari. Apparently Barilla started US packaging, and ItalFood is distributing them. Yeih!

The Cheeseboard Collective, Berkeley

I am quite surprised that it took me a whole year to get around a post about the Cheeseboard. The reason is shameful- I don’t really care for cheese. Usually people stare at me in horror when I say this, but cheese is one of those foods that lives me lukewarm: I’ll eat it (and […]

The Grocery List: Genova Deli, Oakland

What a wonderful surprise to end up at Genova Deli.  Across the street from Pizzaiolo, close to the border with Berkeley, Genova carries a lot of products I hadn’t seen in a while- and all at very competitive prices! Flours and Legumes They really carry all sort of flours used in Italian cooking. Not only […]

The Grocery List: Bi-Rite Market, San Francisco

Bi-Rite is a San Francisco institution. Open since 1940, it has been under current family ownership since 1964. This is a unique store, where most of the products are locally sourced, organic and sustainable. I appreciate their help in finding some perfect Italian pantry items for my kitchen though! I found delicious local organic early […]

The Grocery List: Bristol Farms, San Francisco

Bristol Farm is a sort of Whole Foods with the coolness factor hamped up. In LA, it’s the store of the stars, in san Francisco it has the only outlet in a retail mall next to Bloomingdale… it’s a fun place, for sure, but it’s also a bit displacing! What do I pick up at […]