Osteria Coppa, San Mateo

It’s been a while since I have written a new review- a lot of things happened in the meantime, but the biggest one is that I kind of feel like I ran out of places that deserved a review. I always end up in the same few places when I want an outstanding Italian meal, […]

Barbacco, San Francisco

When was the last time you sat down for a nice lunch, in the Financial District, and spent less than $25? Including tax and tip? Well, you can imagine why my excitement for lunch at Barbacco was laced with a whole new level of satisfaction once I got the bill. None of the desserts were […]

Enoteca 100 on May 1 at Donato Enoteca, Redwood City

It is that time of the year again!! Spring is here, VinItaly just wound up, and Donato is hosting another of his marvelous wine and food events at Enoteca in Redwood City. 100 Italian wines poured by the glass from all the best US importers, including many varieties of Barolo and Barbaresco and many lesser-known […]

Acqua Pazza, San Mateo

While San Mateo is rarely on my radar, I am sure grateful I got a chance to try out Acqua Pazza downtown. My friend Amy was invited to try out their offerings, and I was more than happy to tag along! I had heard good things about them, and I was certainly curious to try- […]

Pizzeria Pulcinella, San Francisco

If you are like me, you will mix up Pinocchio and Pulcinella, enter the wrong restaurant and have an impending sense of doom as you take a look at the sad pizzas coming out of the electric oven. Thankfully, I have friends who call me and tell me I am in the wrong spot! So, […]