My Calabria at A16 November 14

Rosetta Costantino, the chef behind Cooking with Rosetta as well as Global Epicurean‘s mind behind the trips exploring Calabria, is presenting her book at A16 next week! My Calabria is a collection of typical Calabria recipes, exploring the flavors of this undiscovered region of Italy. Rosetta’s writing is enticing and the recipes delicious, and the […]

Best of the Bay, Italy in SF Style

While I review a lot of places on Italy in SF, there are a handful I keep on going back to, where I can be considered somewhat of “a regular”. These are the places where I take visitors I want to impress, family who refuses to eat outside their comfort zone, and the places I […]

Poggio Trattoria, Sausalito

It is hard for a restaurant to occupy a premium location and serve good food. Poggio manages to do that: on the main walk of Sausalito, this pretty restaurant with white tablecloth service feeds tourists and locals with a view of the Sausalito downtown. I followed a recommendation for a pizza at Poggio, and my […]

Emporio Rulli, Larkspur and San Francisco

The quest for a good Italian bakery seriously consumes Italian expats. In fact, you can eventually find a restaurant that serves a pasta dish you like, and if not you can always make your own! However, bakery and pastry items are a different story. Italians are very accostumed to their cappuccino with brioche for breakfast, […]

Fish., Sausalito

Last time I was at Fish. (it’s really the name- Fish., Fish period!) I spoke to one of the chefs that are always busy in the open floor kitchen. I was complimenting him and his staff for the amazing quality of the food, and his reply was “We just take excellent ingredients, and we try […]