Mulino Bianco on the Bay Area shelves!

Mulino Bianco cookies, Italy’s favorite breakfast food ever!, are coming to Bay Area stores all over! Sightings include Woodside Deli (pictures) andĀ AG Ferrari. Apparently Barilla started US packaging, and ItalFood is distributing them. Yeih!

Italian Food Idioms

As I was having lunch with Hedonia a few weeks back we ended up talking about fun food-related idioms. In English there are tons, and that got me thinking to the Italian ones. What do you know, I found a slew!! Not surprisingly for a culture in which food is so entrenched, I realized that […]

Crema Pasticcera

Few items are as omnipresent in Italian pastry as crema pasticcera, the egg custard that fills morning cornetti, layers pan di spagna, and makes the basis for fruit tarts and zuppa inglese. It is simple, delicious, versatile and tasty! I made a batch at home and have made tarts, crostate, brioches and vol-au-vent desserts for […]


Porchetta, an obvious derivative of the word porco, “pork”, is nothing more than what it seems: a roasted pork cooked on a spit for hours at times to create this delicious, moist and flavorful treat available almost everywhere in Italy. Porchetta is the quintessential Italian street food- very rarely you can order it in a […]

The Perfect Lunch

I am lagging behind with my updates, please forgive me, but today I have the first hands-down recommendation for a place, well, very much outside the Bay Area! I am talking about Locanda dell’Arco in Cissone, Italy. In the heart of Langhe, the wine-producing area of Piedmont where all the big reds come from, you […]