Look what showed up at Trader Joe's!

If you haven't tried Garofalo pasta, you're missing out!!

I LOVE La Ciccia!!!

Pane Carasau at my favorite spot in the city, La Ciccia!

A Package of Goodies!!!

My friend Stefano pointed me to Supermarket Italy, an Italian specialties online retailer. We have often bought from Capri Flavors before, but the problem there are shipping costs. Supermarket Italy is not fast, to be sure, but they ship for a flat fee ($6.99 for order over $50) and they have a pretty good assortments […]

Passatelli on their way into hot stock… Happy new year!!!

Passatelli, a homemade pasta-like first course typical of Romagna, my region, are delicious little complement to a hot stock in cold weather. They are a simple preparation, made on the spot and cooked directly in the stock. The ingredients are simple: for each person budget the following: 1 egg 1 oz of breadcrumbs (not the […]