Best of the Bay, Italy in SF Style

While I review a lot of places on Italy in SF, there are a handful I keep on going back to, where I can be considered somewhat of “a regular”. These are the places where I take visitors I want to impress, family who refuses to eat outside their comfort zone, and the places I […]

The Cheeseboard Collective, Berkeley

I am quite surprised that it took me a whole year to get around a post about the Cheeseboard. The reason is shameful- I don’t really care for cheese. Usually people stare at me in horror when I say this, but cheese is one of those foods that lives me lukewarm: I’ll eat it (and […]

Dopo, Oakland

Despite its name, do not procrastinate your visit to Dopo (literally, afterward, or later), because this establishment really deserves your patronage! On Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, when I first had dinner there it was a tiny tiny venue which has since expanded to take over the beauty salon next door, adding much needed space for […]

Cooking with Rosetta

Have you been cooking with Rosetta? If you haven’t, you should. Rosetta as born and raised in Calabria, the “toe” of the Italian boot. In the typical tradition of the place, all of her family food were homemade- including flour!, so when her entire family moved to Northern California in the early 70s it was […]

Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley

If you’ve never heard of Berkeley Bowl, you’re either a city dweller or a South Bayan. Before Cal, I didn’t really understand Berkeley Bowl either, but this is an institution, if ever a grocery store can carry that responsibility! This is all confirmed by the ridiculous lines for parking and at the check-out registers, no […]