Barbacco, San Francisco

When was the last time you sat down for a nice lunch, in the Financial District, and spent less than $25? Including tax and tip? Well, you can imagine why my excitement for lunch at Barbacco was laced with a whole new level of satisfaction once I got the bill. None of the desserts were over $5, a scoop of ice cream was $2, they have half glasses of wines on the list- so you can still sip on your favorite beverage and go back to work without being buzzed- or worse, wasting a half glass! I love the concept behind this new enoteca: informal, lunch-oriented, small plates and big flavors seems to be the staples of their offering. And the food is pretty good!

My favorite dish by far were the bruschette- 3 for $8 were enough to calm my cravings, and the house cured sardine one was to write home about.

We also ordered the Burrata, which was served with a half-sized rucola salad (yum!) and a beet salad, before moving on to the rotolo pasta (you can see Barbacco’s full lunch menu at this link), which we didn’t love but was okay. And of course no meal is complete without a dessert (dulcis in fundo, the most quoted Latin proverb by Italians: sweet in the end!)- so a scoop of ice cream made its way to our table. I am using the Food Gal’s pictures, as hers turned out a lot better than mine did! Here’s the gelato- really, really good!

230 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94111-4301
(415) 955-1919

4 Responses to “Barbacco, San Francisco”

  1. I LOVE Barbacco! Seriously, if I lived or worked near the financial district, I would be there all the time. If only! ;)

  2. That gelato has me drooling. The food looks great too, but gelato is the best!

  3. Boy, do I miss working in the city, the bruschetta would have been my favorite…

  4. Wish I lived closer so I could have pay a visit to Barbacco soon. Will have to remember for next time. Thanks!

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