Focaccia delle Rose

Every now and then there is one recipe that keeps on sneaking upon me- maybe because people compliment it so much, or maybe because I have had it at a friend’s house and I cannot get it out of my head. Well, this special focaccia belongs to the latest- my friend Arianna made it a few times when I was at her place, and I have just ever since tried to duplicate it. I have realized my “regular” focaccia dough would not work, so I simply follow Arianna’s recipe for the best result. Here’s how it is done:


500gr flour (possibly double zero, I use the Central Milling Company organic unbleached flour that I find at Costco)
300ml water
2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 bag of yeast
2 teaspoon of salt

What to do

The secret to this delicious focaccia is the fact that it is left to raise twice. I begin by using the dough maker on my bread machine- I start with water, then I add the oil, the salt, and the flour, with the yeast last. I let it go for the full cycle (it is a 1.5hr process where the machine warms the basket to start the first raising, but you can simply use a kitchen aid or make the dough by hand). The point is to let the dough raise at least for 2 hours. After the first raising, take the dough out, and roll it on a cutting board sprinkled with flour.

Once the dough is rolled out, you can put the filling in. I use a black olive tapenade, but a spread of butter and anchovies is also really good! Next, roll the focaccia from the long side and cut about 1.5 inch slices.

Put the rolled slices in a baking pan sprinkled with oil, and let it raise a second time for at least an hour- more if you have time! Find a place where the dough will not suffer breezes and air- I usually cover it with a clean towel and put it in a closed cabinet- or in the oven if I am not using it!

After the second raising is the time to bake! Set the timer for 30 minutes, oven temperature 400F, and try not to open the oven before the 30 minutes are up. Check for a golden finish on the focaccia- if it is not there, continue cooking at five minutes increments.

Enjoy with good friends and good wine!

3 Responses to “Focaccia delle Rose”

  1. That looks very nice! I have bookmarked the recipe. Burro e alici, oh my!

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  3. Oh. Yeah. Baby! I’m gonna make DPaul make this soon. :)

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