Tootsie’s, Palo Alto

What would I do without my wonderful foodie friends and fellow bloggers? I would certainly not eat as well as I do! My friend Gudrun told me about this little tiny place at the Stanford Barn, and ever since I tried it I made it my favorite lunch spot!

The owner-chef Rocco is from Emilia Romagna, like yours truly. He has worked in Porretta Terme, and at Babbo in NYC before heading out to sunny California and infuse this uber-small and quaint spot with the Italy I grew up in. A simple sandwich, a tasty salad, a few zeppole are all it takes to bring me back to the flavors of home, and I love every bit of it!For example, the one above is what in Italy goes under the name “tuna salad”. The disappointment in ordering one if you’re expecting the other is quite evident, and it works in both directions!

I peruse Tootsie’s for breakfast as well, as the cappuccino and espresso are just great- not to mention the staple of the Italian breakfast, the cornetto (aka: Italian croissant). Rocco spins the cornetti in their delicious Nutella variation, a reason alone to head there in the morning! Now I am trying to get Rocco to start offering bomboloni… and then I can have perfection right in my backyard!

Tootsie’s At Stanford Barn
700 Welch Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 566-8445

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