Fancy Food 2010

I am a bit late with my Fancy Food post, as the week has been a bit on the crazy side!! Nevertheless I explored the beauties of imported (and local!) foods at the Fancy Food Show this past weekend. I got the special treat of playing “apprentice” to the most amazing food blogger ever (thanks Amy!), and got to learn a ton about all sort of different and amazing new imports, existing imports, and local goodies.

A few of my favorites are below- mostly are from Italy, or used in Italian cooking (surprise!), and a few are just fun little great products!

I loved the colorful lay-out of the Etruria products, but even more than that I absolutely LOVED the honey vinegar- aceto di miele, a descendant of idromele (well, a quick search showed me the English name for it is none other than mead!), one of the oldest beverages in recorded history (and a dead one, at that!). Giuseppe, the owner/ producer/ chef of Etruria, was at hand to explain all about his products. The honey vinegar is made with water and homey, and let to ferment. Giuseppe produces honey vinegar from three different types of honeys he produces himself, and all three are impossibly OUTSTANDING. I can see them on puntarelle, or even mixed with soda water for a digestivo… delicious. You can find Giuseppe’s products online at and also at several shops around the Bay Area. I am dying to get some samples to try out in my kitchen- will write more once I get them!

Oregon Growers and Shippers has a delicious, scrumptious cherry and Zinfandel jam I am dying to get on a crostata. My husband will be making me one with a sample I got from them, I can’t wait!! More reviews (and a crostata recipe!) to come.

Bertagni pasta was a delicious find. I am not a fan of refrigerated pasta, but sometimes I cave for convenience. (Fine, I said it!). If only I knew what I was missing out on when I wasn’t scouring out Bertagni!! Delicious dough texture, and really tasty fillings make of this pasta the next best thing to a rolling pin.

Ricotta is always a favorite, and finding a decently-priced, reasonably tasting ricotta is always a challenge (unless my friend Rosetta makes it for me!). I find Cantare’ a really good store-bought one- and each little package comes in a draining basket. The presentation they had at Fancy Food was beautiful!

Truffle salts were a big trend at the show, and I got a few samples to try out. I am not quite sure how to use them, but I am going to have a taste-off as soon as all the samples are in!

Now, this was one of the weirdest thing I have ever tried- smoked olive oil. The whole show was talking about it, and I found it kind of interestingly wacky!

A product I am looking forward to put to the test is Bread Armor: a plastic bag designed to keep your favorite artisan bread from getting hard as a stone (I am sure it happened to you too!). An innovative product with some unusual characteristics that make our lives easier. What’s not to like there?

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  1. You are too kind. Thanks for introducing ME to some amazing products! I am featuring a couple of them soon and linked to this post in my first round up.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Where can you find the truffle salts?

    Thank you.

  3. I am hoping to get some info on distributors and retailers soon- and do a use-test! Stay tuned!

  4. I went to the NY Fancy Food Show and loved it! Can’t wait to go back… so much to see and eat!

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