The Perfect Lunch

I am lagging behind with my updates, please forgive me, but today I have the first hands-down recommendation for a place, well, very much outside the Bay Area! I am talking about Locanda dell’Arco in Cissone, Italy. In the heart of Langhe, the wine-producing area of Piedmont where all the big reds come from, you will be absolutely enchanted by this small restaurant with rooms.
Today I would like to entertain you with what I believe was the most delicious lunch I have had in a very long time: a six-courses truffle based dream!

A tortino of porcini mushrooms with shrimps and black truffles in a saffron sauce for which I don’t have a great picture…

A porcini mushroom salad with black truffle

Carne battuta al coltello con scaglie di tartufo bianco, aka, a knife-cut tartare with white truffles:

Tajarin with white truffles, one of the most delicious plate of pasta I have ever experienced!

Braised rabbit in blackberries sauce, which as hard as it is to explain, was absolutely out of this world! (sorry, no picture again!)

To finish, a traditional Piedmont dessert, a hazelnut cake, served with a zabaione sauce and a small pear poached in moscato- wonderful!

We could only wrap up such a lunch with a generous serving of grappa, otherwise we would never have been able to digest such a lunch! Sibona carries the seal of the first distillery authorized in Italy- quite a history!

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