More on the Italian Breakfast

I have received many comments incredulous about my first post about the typical Italian breakfast. All Italians who have responded confirm that breakfast is sweet, but everyone who was raised in the US of Italian origins doesn’t remeber sweet breakfast as a staple of their upbringing. Don’t forget Italy was not a very rich country, […]

Truffles in Piedmont

I just got back from Italy, where I spent ten days in my favorite season in Piedmont! Everything was amazing and great, but there was a huge highlight… Do I need to say more? Isn’t this fabulous? Look at the variety, black and white truffles, and how big they are! The most amazing usage of […]

Top Five Things to Eat in Liguria

Liguria is the thin strip of land squeezed between the Mediterranean and the Alpi Marittime, the last (or first!) stretch of Alps that embraces Piemonte to the North. Liguria has historically been a harsh land, subject to colonization by foreign powers, with very little arable land and so dependent for food mostly on the sea […]