54 Mint, San Francisco

A place with hanging prosciutti and salami? Well, this is sure an attention catcher! So Amy and I headed out to the hippest new address for San Francisco, Mint Plaza, to check out the latest Italian restaurant, simply named 54 Mint. Simple decor accented by hanging edible pieces, and a lovely outdoor patio make for […]

Grignolino, a Fake Rosè Wine

Do you know Grignolino? This grape varietal is indigenous to Piemonte, and it had been considered the most elegant and traditional Piemontese red wine until 50 years ago. As a matter of fact, in 1908 the price for one kilo of Grignolino grape was three times more expensive than Nebbiolo grape in Barolo! Recently, Grignolino […]

Making Pan di Spagna: a Photo Essay

I am not the best baker in the world, so for making pan di spagna I recruited the very expert help of Lucia, one of the owners of La Bottega in Menlo Park. Making pan di spagna is not hard, but it requires discipline- mix the ingrediens in the right order, warm up the oven […]