Pizza Nostra, San Francisco

Pizza at Pizza Nostra

Could this be the best pizza in San Francisco? I don’t particularly like absolutes- especially when it comes to food!! Personal taste has so much to do with it, although high quality ingredients and care in preparation go a long way into making all sort of different palates agree. Pizza Nostra seems to be a place to make all agree:

  • A pizzaiolo from Naples, aptly named Giovanni;
  • An oven imported from Italy (not a wood burning one, but still pretty great!);
  • Good mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto and ideas, and
  • A menu from which I would have liked to pick many many more items than what we ordered!

Satisfied patrons at Pizza Nostra

Portero Hill has a very rare feature in San Francisco: the possibility of  finding a parking spot within the block, without circling three hundred times, and for free, too! That puts me in a better mood to enjoy the food! In addition, the ambiance at Pizza Nostra is welcoming: natural light filters through the skylights, the wood tables give it a rustic feeling, the service is quite spectacular and a nice outdoor patio increases the seating capacity more than 50%.

The Counter at PIzza Nostra in San Francisco

The reason to make it to Portrero, though, it’s quite simply the food. The appetizers are good and interesting, the pasta dishes looked pretty good (although I didn’t try them), and the pizza is really great. Great. I could not believe they have a gas oven- a really fancy one, but not a wood burning one, and apparently these new ovens are all the rage in Italy right now.

Burrata and Fava Beans Salad at Pizza Nostra

As an appetizers we had a burrata and fava beans salad, and some eggplants involtini with goat cheese filling. They were both pretty good, and both needed some flavor tuning in order to go from good to memorable. But then again, Pizza Nostra has only been open 2 months- I think there’s plenty of room for improvement there!

The French ownership can be “blamed” for some funny misspelling in the menu- my favorite was “Affogatto” among desserts. Sorry, it’s untranslatable, but Italian speakers will get a kick out of it! Desserts were a bit bleak, with a sweet pizza tronchetto taking center stage on the menu. Definitely another area for improvement… but really, go and have a pizza, and everything else will taste better!

Sweet Tronchetto Pizza/Dessert with ChocolatePizza Nostra
300 De Haro St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 558-9493

6 Responses to “Pizza Nostra, San Francisco”

  1. Sounds like it’s worth a detour! Have you tried Gialina? I thought their pizza was pretty good.

  2. I was tempted to order the burrata when I was there, too. But then I thought that might be cheese overkill. Must get it the next time I’m there.

  3. The meatball appetizer and Pizza Nostra (eggplant, feta) was a hit as well. Corkage is only $15. Will be back! I may pass on the pastas, they were smothering the vongole with parmesan – is that not a faux pas?

  4. Amy- I did try Gialina, and I actually had one of the best farro salads I have ever had! I liked their pizza too…
    Carolyn- it wasn’t the best dish you ever had, but it was fine…
    Babs- it IS a faux pas! No cheese on fish, ever! Honestly, I think the only Italian in the place is the pizzaiolo, and the chef/ cuisine is on a different tune, from what you say! Maybe I won’t try the pasta! ;)

  5. Vanessa -

    The fact that the pizzaiolo comes from Naples should be enough to convince every pizza connaisseur to step in and try it. So much more that he is named Giovanni!!! – hehe – what are the chances!?!?!


  6. [...] favorite pizza in the city is the newly-opened Pizza Nostra in Portrero. The restaurant is French-owned (*gasp*!), but they called their pizzaiolo from Salerno [...]

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