At the local COOP store, a cooperative grocery store very common in Emilia Romagna with stores all over Italy, you can see a selection on affettati (cold cuts) and salumi… Please count: on the bottom shelf there are 5 types of prosciutto cotto (ham) and a mortadella, on the one above there are 10 different […]

Growing Up in Italy In The 70s

During my layover in Munich this past weekend I walked into the Fabriano store in the terminal. I found there a book called Italianismi (that I obviously can’t find anywhere else) about the cornerstones of an Italian upbringing, being it the traditional “T” of the Tabacchi store (the official outlet of tobacco products, also the […]

A San Francisco Zabaione Hunt

I didn’t come up with this idea. It’s a shameful admission, but I have been lured into a zabaione hunt by a friend, a mentor and a fellow twitterer- we all have to thank Rachel for this brilliant idea! So, on a warm San Francisco evening, Rachel and I joined forces and set the power […]

Pizza Nostra, San Francisco

Could this be the best pizza in San Francisco? I don’t particularly like absolutes- especially when it comes to food!! Personal taste has so much to do with it, although high quality ingredients and care in preparation go a long way into making all sort of different palates agree. Pizza Nostra seems to be a […]

My Favorite Food Blogs

I have been writing Italy in SF for a little bit over a year now, and I have been blessed to find along the way some amazing, passionate food bloggers along the way. The internet is a crazy place, filled with all sort of content, and finding the information you want to read becomes harder […]