Ricotta, The Non-Cheese All Italians Love

My friend Amy jokes that if I were ever to disclose my full relationship with cheeses, my citizenship might be revoked. I have to admit she does have a point- in a country with so many delicious cheeses, like Caciocavallo, the hundred types of pecorino, Parmigiano and Formaggio di Fossa and mozzarella, my favorite cheese […]

Exploring Calabria

Calabria, the toe of the Italian boot, is a wonderful and undiscovered region of Italy. It is the native region of many of the Italian immigrants of the beginning of the twentieth century, so you have certainly heard about it, but few have visited and fewer still know of its amazing flavors. When it comes […]

Pesce, San Francisco

The concept of aperitivi and the free food that comes with it is very clear in my mind, but in Italy I have never had cicchetti, the Venitian version of tapas, small dishes fit to share with friends over a nice bottle of wine. However, Pesce on Polk has done a great job at importing […]

Visit Tuscany with Michael Pollan

How would you like to spend a week in Tuscany learning about food, culture, and how these two intersect from one of the most renowned experts on the topic? Well, that’s exactly what you could be doing this summer, when La Petraia, a wonderful Agriturismo in the Chianti hills of Tuscany, hosts a special week-long […]

The Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato

As I was learning English,  my teacher would tell us that the English word for gelato is ice cream. I always thought the two were the same thing, and although they tasted different I never really thought there was a specific difference- even pasta and pizza taste different in the US! In my mind, the […]