Head to Tail Dinner at Incanto

The Head To Tail Dinner- a Chris Cosentino tradition since 2006. One of the things that attracts me more to Cosentino’s food is the philosophy behind it- and I actually really love the entire concept of head to tail, no food going to waste, and so on. My grandma is perfectly aligned with this line […]

The Cheeseboard Collective, Berkeley

I am quite surprised that it took me a whole year to get around a post about the Cheeseboard. The reason is shameful- I don’t really care for cheese. Usually people stare at me in horror when I say this, but cheese is one of those foods that lives me lukewarm: I’ll eat it (and […]

Arts and Crafts from Italy at La Bottega

In the wonderful garden of the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park there is a real gem of a store- La Bottega, run by two vigorous and enthusiastic ladies from Italy, Susanna and Lucia. Bottega in Italian is the name of the artist’s workshop. Leonardo and Michelangelo created many of their masterpieces in their bottega, […]

Homemade Nutella

Last week Twitter was on fire about the homemade Nutella recipe published by the LATimes. Well, at least it was among the people I follow! Naturally, I was smitten- Nutella being one thing I really don’t like in the American market version. So, I went about gathering all the ingredients, and started mixing! However  I […]

Grappa Bar 888, San Francisco

As you might have guessed, I am a huge fan of grappa. It was hence delightful to find out that right here some brilliant mind devised a grappa bar!! I love the people at the new InterContinental Hotel! Grappa Bar 888 stands in the lobby of the new InterContinental Hotel at Fifth and Harrison. On […]