Sparkling, Sweet and Delicious: Moscato D’Asti

Moscato is the largest grown grape variety in Piedmont, and Moscato and Asti are the most widely sold Piedmontese wines in the world- not bad for a sweet wine! The intense and fragrant aroma of the fruit is intensified in the wine and anticipates the sweet taste, made thirst-quenching by the fresh bubbles. Those who […]

Mortadella Vs. Baloney

First of all, let’s make one thing clear: baloney (or Bologna) and mortadella have nothing in common- other than a very vague resemblance and the fact that baloney is originally inspired by mortadella. Mortadella is a high-end salume served thinly sliced inside focaccia bread (or piadina!) or cut in thick cubes to snack on with […]

Pizzetta 211, San Francisco

Pizzetta is Italian for “little pizza”. However, the only thing that is really small at Pizzetta is the venue: four tables in a tiny tiny indoor space shared with the large pizza oven and kitchen. Nothing else is small: not the lines to get in at night or during the weekends, not the flavors of […]

Acquerello, San Francisco

There is only one Italian restaurant in the Bay Area that dons any star on the Micheline’s guide, and that is Acquerello. The Micheline people are very much skewed toward French cuisine, which seems to be more of their thing, so finding an Italian restaurant on a non-Italy guide needs to be something truly remarkable. […]

Italy on Sale!

I just got this- Italy is on sale this week, and Travelzoo has tons of amazing deals to go! If you are planning a trip, here’s the link to the best deals available right now! Travelzoo Italy Sale