Homemade Cappuccino

I have been wanting an espresso machine for quite some time, but not really for the coffee- just for the cappuccino!! I love a good cappuccino in the morning, and when I can’t get to Blue Bottle, Emporio Rulli or Caffe’ del Doge, I really go for weeks without one…

Well, not anymore!! I absolutely understand this goes in the “cheating” category, but can you blame me when my breakfast table looks like this??

I picked up a milk frother at Sur La Table for my husband’s birthday. A cheap, wonderful tool that works magic!! I am going to have a taste-off soon- I have a couple of other products for a foamy milk without the $1000 prce tag that I am going to try, but for now, this is a winner!

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  1. mmmm! Good to know!!

  2. No way! I was honestly thinking about buying one of these last night!! I used to have one. Super cheap and utterly brilliant! It’s settled. I’m “investing’ in another one.

  3. As crazy as it seems, I HIGHLY recommend it!! Invest away! :)

  4. I got a Mukka for Christmas and it makes a killer cup of cappuccino or latte—saves a lot of money not going to Starbucks!

  5. I make my morning cappuccino the same way and since it’s so small I take it when we travel if I know we’ll have a kitchen!

  6. looks very good. thanks for sharing

  7. I love my little frother! I don’t know what I ever did without it…except whine in the morning when I didn’t feel like going to the bar but still wanted a cappuccino ;)

  8. well it seems about the habit of the person choosing the types of liquid in the morning time so, i actually like to take espresso at morning time.

  9. humm? lovely photos!!!

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