Pandoro and Panettone

There are three traditional sweets that go with Christmas in Italy: Torrone, a nougat confection made with honey and nuts, Pandoro and Panettone. Among my generation, though, the real desserts of the holidays are the latter two. Originally from Milan, Panettone is a leavened bread that takes several days to make. The dough is left […]

A Night in a Pizzeria

Pizzerie are still the place where you end up for a quick, informal dinner. You order a beer and a pizza, and for less than 10 euros you are good for dinner. In Cesenatico, one of my favorite pizzerie is PIzzeria da Giorgio: he’s been around for over 35 years, and the Neapolitan pizzaiolo is […]

Adriatic Turbot, Before and After

Rombo is wonderful- I believe the English name is turbot- and I think it’s my favorite fish. In Romagna we cook it in the oven with tomatoes and thin sliced potatoes, whole, and when you find one over 1kg is a feast! We got one fished in the morning, 2.5kg. This is what happened to […]

Cesenatico’s Presepe, A Photo Essay

Italy is dotted with a miriad of public, large presepi (nativity scenes) during this time of the year. In my hometown alone there are at least three presepi. The most famous one is set on the floating Marine History Museum.  People come from other places of Italy to see this beauty at night- my parents’ […]

The Real Truffles

I confess- I have family in the area around Alba. And that family loves me very much… While the season is winding down, their truffle hunter managed to recover 4 truffles last weekend, and we were very happy to give it a go! If there was a way to make you smell them… There is […]