Bar Bambino, San Francisco

My first visit at Bar Bambino was a hit whereas food was concerned- I was pleased to find a pretty great lunch (I had the Trio, more about it in a sec!), but I was a bit… uhm, surprised about the neighborhood. I was stressed, worrying my car was going to get broken into even […]

Triglie Marinate: A Photo Essay

Simple fish is abundant in the Adriatic. Usually, fishes are small, very tasty, and quite hard to clean! You will be rewarded, though, as the flavors of small fishes is intense and more “fishy” than the big varietals found in the oceans’ open waters. I think that “fishy” is what fish is supposed to taste […]

Sicily and Its Food at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Marcella Croce will be at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in San Francisco on Thursday, November 13th, to present her book “Eat Smart in Sicily“. Marcella is a Palermo native with a PhD in Italian and a long list of featured publications. She is also a regular contributor to La Repubblica, one of the major […]

Liguria Bakery, San Francisco

Liguria is an interesting bakery in the heart of North Beach. Family run for many years, it is not exactly the place where you go to chat up the owners and have a feeling of warmth. First of all, they close after they’re done selling focaccia, which is the only item they sell. Frozen or […]

Mara’s Italian Pastry, San Francisco

North Beach is often a hit-or-miss neighborhood who suffers from its own popularity. Some places are quite overrated and not very authentic, but here and there you will find some amazing stores “with heart”, where the same family has been carrying on the business for several generation and where, while some things are very Italian […]