Triglie Marinate: A Photo Essay

Triglie- Red Mullets

Simple fish is abundant in the Adriatic. Usually, fishes are small, very tasty, and quite hard to clean! You will be rewarded, though, as the flavors of small fishes is intense and more “fishy” than the big varietals found in the oceans’ open waters. I think that “fishy” is what fish is supposed to taste like!

Among the many Adriatic varietals, triglie (red mullets) are very common- and among my favorites! My mum used to make them in a tomato sauce in the pan growing up, and the sweetness of the tomato with the saltiness of the fish was always delicious! But here’s another way to make them- ingredients are lemon, garlic, chives, parsley (apparently, Italians are unable to cook fish without parsley!), shallots and extra virgin olive oil. And a sharp knife!

Clean the mullets and fillet them. Lay on a serving plate, season with salt and pepper, then sprinkle with lemon juice and add chopped shallots, parsley, garlicĀ  and chives. Leave to marinate for at least an hour. after curing is complete, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and serve with your favorite bread. Delicious- and super fast!

Triglie Marinate- Ingredients

Filleted mullets

Triglie Marinating

Triglie Marinate ready to eat!

5 Responses to “Triglie Marinate: A Photo Essay”

  1. Nice and simple, love it!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful dish. You look like you can fillet a fish very well!

  3. This looks like something I would love! Delicious!

  4. I have developed an aversion to anything that’s too ‘fishy’ after my pregnancy but I think I will try this out since it involves those strong herbs that will probably cut out the fishy smell!

  5. Noi le facciamo fritte. ( We make it fried with calamari for XMAS)
    Fravaglio e triglie e calamari

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