Liguria Bakery, San Francisco

Liguria Bakery San Francisco

Liguria is an interesting bakery in the heart of North Beach. Family run for many years, it is not exactly the place where you go to chat up the owners and have a feeling of warmth. First of all, they close after they’re done selling focaccia, which is the only item they sell. Frozen or fresh, they only make a handful of flavors, and as soon as the last piece is sold out the locks come up and they close down the place. During theĀ  weekend, getting there at 10am is late- but during the week they are sometimes open till noon!

Focaccia at Liguria Bakery

If you want your focaccia cut up, make sure you ask before they head to the back, or you’ll be yelled at. Make sure to be swift with your order, or you’ll be yelled at. Just get your order, pay quickly (cash only), and get out to enjoy your wonderful newly bought focaccia! It’s done ligurian style, thin (but not oily enough in my opinion!) and delicious!

Liguria Bakery\'s Focaccia

Liguria Bakery
1700 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 421-3786

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  1. I’ve been going to Liguria since the 1970s (back when I was in kindergarten and the focaccia only cost 75 cents!) Rumor has it that they would bake less focaccia when they wanted to close shop early.

  2. Liguria Bakery is a fabulous place. When I was growing up as a young boy back East my grandmother (nona) made pizza exactly like this. Liguria takes me back to my childhood dreams of how good pizza really is. You’ve got to try this place it is by far the best pizza in the world just like they made it homemade in Italia.

  3. My mom has been a Liguria loyalist for over 60 years!!! That’s right 60 years. Same family fun business, same simple menu, same outstanding focaccia. Like a previous post said, don’t make Mama mad behind the counter…I’ve seen her smile a couple of times in 15 years!!!

  4. Good morning!

    There’s nothing more I love than a vegan treat. Compliments to you for giving me so much happiness that you exist! Actually, my boyfriend Davide and I are moving to San Fran in December from Alba, Italy (Cuneo), so you will probably see us walk in soon!!


  5. I live on the Peninsula, so I am partial to La Biscoterria :
    You can mail order and they will ship!
    By far the BEST cannoli around!

  6. Yup!

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