SPQR, San Francisco

I am always debating about SPQR- sure, they use organic and local produce, but sometimes their cooking style is more California-fusion than originally Italian (I still remember a mozzarella in carrozza that, in SPQR’s version, became a mozzarella french toast with anchovies- not good!). Despite my reticence, however, the Italian community (aka: my friends from […]

Testing the SpringPad Platform

I decided to test a new service and see if I can make the blog easier to use, especially when it comes to my Grocery List postings. In brief- Springpads are free online notebooks that help you manage your life. Use your springpad to keep track of notes, photos, maps, to-do’s, contacts, appointments & more. […]

Piccino, San Francisco

Outside Italy, not everyone knows that the Italian language the way it is spoken today is a modification of the traditional dialect spoke in Tuscany during the first centuries of the previous millennium- and we have Dante to thank for it! That’s why Tuscany doesn’t really have a dialect, only a very distinctive accent and […]

Cooking with Rosetta

Have you been cooking with Rosetta? If you haven’t, you should. Rosetta as born and raised in Calabria, the “toe” of the Italian boot. In the typical tradition of the place, all of her family food were homemade- including flour!, so when her entire family moved to Northern California in the early 70s it was […]

Truffle Week at Perbacco!

Perbacco‘s truffle week starts this Tuesday, November 18th, till Friday November 21st. My reservation is for Tuesday night- when are you going to enjoy the real white truffles of Alba?