The Grocery List: Bristol Farms, San Francisco

Bristol Farm is a sort of Whole Foods with the coolness factor hamped up. In LA, it’s the store of the stars, in san Francisco it has the only outlet in a retail mall next to Bloomingdale… it’s a fun place, for sure, but it’s also a bit displacing! What do I pick up at Bristol Farms? Here’s my shopping list…

Olives! The most amazing olive counter awaits you at Bristol Farms. Olives from all over the world, pickled, spiced, plain, green, black, with pit, pitless- you name it! Olive bonanza!

Prosciutto di San Daniele!! Everyone knows about Parma prosciutto, but prosciutto di San Daniele is just as popular in Italy- and as prized! San Daniele is a small town in the North East region of Friuli, where this darker, sweeter prosciutto is produced. It is delicious! Harder to find in the Bay Area, it is yet another Italian product with the prized DOP seal.

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale- the usual locked case is on display at Bristol Farms. Not a huge selection, but some interesting bottles!

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana- please note the DOP seal in the right bottom corner, and the full verbiage on the package- this is the real thing!

A few more common products, like the ever-present llly Caffe’, Parmigiano Reggiano, bronze-extruded pasta like Rustichella and ricotta and mascarpone cheese.

Bristol Farms
845 Market St, Suite 010
San Francisco, CA 94103
Westfield San Francisco Centre
(415) 979-0106
Spring the address!

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  3. Vanessa!

    Fabulous! Does the Parmigiano Reggiano have the DOP seal on it as well??? Do they have an online store?????

    Gabi –

  4. Ciao Gabi,

    You bring up a good point, I am not sure about the DOP seal on the Parmigiano!! You can find the Parmigiano with the seal at a bunch of places- see more here:



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