Pizzeria Delfina, San Francisco

With a new location in the Fillmore following its original site in the Mission, Pizzeria Delfina is truly at the peak of its fame. And rightly so! I just had a wonderful pizza there: unusual and interesting with a lot of flavors and personality! Despite not having a wood burning oven, the crust was pretty […]

Danilo Bakery, San Francisco

Growing up in Italy you tend to start considering the thick, soft and oily focaccia you can pick up at any corner bakery like a birthright. Are you hungry and on the go? Pick up a piece of focaccia. Want to skip lunch and just snack on something? Pick up a focaccia. Do you need […]

Sharing the Good Food Karma

Last Friday, Gail from The Pink Peppercorn deemed appropriate to bestow on me the Excellent Blog award. Gail is a wonderful photographer for a knick for simple and tasty recipes, and it is an amazing honor to be picked in her favorite list! This award is like a Catena di Sant’Antonio- I guess in English […]

Making Pasta: A Photo Essay

You hear me talking about Romagna and its food a lot on this blog. I talked about the salt, strozzapreti, Formaggio di Fossa, piadina, but I never presented a general overview of Romagna’s food. as it often happens in Italy, Romagna food is characterized by its history. Originally a marsh land, this area of Italy […]

Prosciutto di Parma

Parma is at the center of several world-famous Italian foods- Parmigiano is from here, as well as the best known prosciutto. In ancient times, Parma was a trading post for salt that would come in from the Romagna coast as well as from the trades of Venice. The windy location of Parma is perfect for […]