The Grocery List: Farmer Joe’s, Oakland

Thanks to wonderful friends in the East Bay, I have been tipped to this amazing grocery store in Oakland. With two locations, both fairly close to 580, Farmer Joe’s makes the commute to the fancier Italian delis in downtown Oakland or Berkeley an optional run if you’re not in the neighborhood. Here’s a few of the great finds at Farmer Joe’s…

A wonderfully stacked salumi counter, including prosciutto, coppa, pancetta and all sorts of salami.

An amazing selection of prosecco, a sparkling Italian wine I use to make Bellini, including the very famous Sergio Mionetto- Farmer Joe’s seems to be the only grocery to carry it around the Bay Area!

Breads from the Phoenix Pastificio: If you haven’t tried the olive bread from Phoenix yet, hurry. It is truly great bread- and quite possibly among the best I tasted outside of Italy!

Farmer Joe’s also carries some veryday items: Semolina flour, carnaroli rice (for the best risotto), Illy caffe’ and quite a wide selction of different Gorgonzola! You will also find here As Do Mar canned tuna, my favorite.

De Cecco pasta is what I would buy in Italy for my everyday cooking. It’s excellent quality, and I like the variety. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide range of different spaghetti-types! I really like the different colors for each type: organic (pale green), organic with Kamut (white), whole wheat (brownish), with spinach (green) and “classic” (blue). I guess we’ll have to try linguine, perciatelli and capellini soon!

I also really like the bulk section, which is a smaller version of the one available at Berkeley Bowl. You can find here all sort of beans and legumes, but also bulk olive oil ad wine!

Farmer Joe’s Marketplace

3426 Fruitvale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 482-8899

3501 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 482-8178

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  1. Really great review, the deli meats look wonderful. Will absolutely check it out the next time I’m in the area, thanks.

  2. Thank you Heidi! It’s a nice little spot that it’s worth checking out- and with many products on my perennial “hard-to-find” list! Also in the area and with a similar food philosophy is Berkeley Bowl (a review coming on Monday!).

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