Where to Buy Savoiardi (for Tiramisu’)

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Savoiardi Line-Up!

Savoiardi are an essential ingredient to the perfect Tiramisu’. Savoiardi are very similar to the more widely available ladyfingers, although maybe a little bit crunchier. Every time I need to make Tiramisu’ I scramble to find a place that carries them… well, no more! Here’s a handy list of all places that carry savoiardi in the Bay Area!


Ratto’s Deli and International Market




Cost Plus World Market

The Milk Pail Market

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  1. [...] my kitchen though! I found delicious local organic early girl tomatoes, along with made in Italy Savoiardi for tiramisu’. Thanks [...]

  2. I’m just wondering, as a San Franciscan…

    Since San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are distinctly different metro areas, it would be nice to have separate listings, or at least one list, broken down by metro area and, yeah, beginning with San Francisco.

    For theater and dining, people travel between metro areas, but for shopping…almost never.

  3. Hi Michael,
    You are right, there is no transfer when shopping. This list is not meant to be all-comprehensive, just a record of where I have found them. Most of these retailers are small chains present in all three metropolitan areas. In San Francisco, you can get Savoiardi at Molinari’s (on Columbus and Stockton- Mastrelli used to be their Ferry Building outpost, gone with the lease increases), at AG Ferrari (several locations), and I am pretty sure Lucca Deli will carry Savoiardi as well! Good luck!

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