The Grocery List: Milk Pail Market, Mountain View

If you live in the South Bay and you haven’t made it to the Milk Pail Market- well, you should! World-class cheeses and import products share the shelves with amazing fresh produce, and it’s all priced for your wallet’s benefit! The grocery stop at the Milk Pail is a twice a week appointment for me, to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables but also to pick up more items that are on my “uncommon goods” list.

For example, semolina flour. While Bob’s Red Mill makes a good semolina flour that I can sometimes find in mainstream groceries, I love the Milk Pail’s bulk approach! I can buy as much or as little as I want, depending whether I am making gnocchi alla romana for ten or just flouring the bottom of a pizza for two!

Savoiardi come in bulk at the Milk Pail! Check out the extra-large package! I like to buy the larger package to make tiramisu’, because two smaller packages are NEVER enough!

The cheese section is amazing. I am not a generally huge fan of cheese, so I don’t indulge in the overstocked French cheeses department, but I like my ricotta salata, my burrata, and also a bit of gorgonzola every now and then!

You can also find in the refrigerated section the small cacciatorino, a small and hard-ish Italian salame that makes a perfect addition to your picnic basket.

For crostata we usually buy Casa Giulia preserves, and they are the best Italian jams around. They are also cheaper here than at Whole Foods, one of their distributors!

I am not even going into the fresh produce. You can find organic, local, hard-to-find fruits and wonderful vegetables here, all for a fraction of the price that Whole Foods- or even Safeway!- charges. The Milk Pail is a true win-win!

Milk Pail Market
2585 California Street
Mountain View, CA 94040

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