Where to Buy Parmigiano

“Where to” is a column whose purpose is to summarize the content of many posts by product. Where can you buy Parmigiano? And where to eat the best gelato? Find out here!

Parmigiano Wheels Stored for Curing

We’ve already talked extensively about Parmigiano Reggiano, but where to buy it around the Bay Area? When you buy Parmigiano you need to make sure the rind shows the dotted spelling of Parmigiano Reggiano, to guarantee its originality.

Best: By now it looks like I am being paid by Costco for this column, uh? Well, Costco doesn’t carry many products that go in my kitchen, but the few they have are competitively priced and really high quality! So, I buy Parmigiano Reggiano, seals and all, in chunks at Costco. The product they have is Stravecchio, which means it is seasoned more than 24 months, and hence it is past its prime. Nevertheless, it’s pretty god! They also carry Grana Padano, but I am partial to Parmigiano

Everyone Else: The biggest obstacles when buying with Parmigiano is authenticity and price. Authentic Parmigiano is avalable from the following places:




Lucca Delicatessen

A.G. Ferrari



The Pasta Shop

Bristol Farms


I can’t guarantee for their price point though!

Know of more places? Please send me an email with your finds at vanessa at italyinsf dot com!

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  1. Great place to buy Parmigiano Reggiano but also Grana Padano is Costco… almeno in Seattle, ma credo in qualsiasi Costco negli stati Uniti ;)

  2. Grazie David- funny I forgot to add the link, because that’s where I buy my Parmigiano!

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