Slow Food Nation Is This Weekend!!

If you’re local to the Bay Area, you MUST know about the Slow Food Fest coming to town this weekend. In a celebration of food that is fair, clean, affordable and, well, good!, San Francisco will become a crossroad of thought leaders in the food field, of wonderful artisans, and of foodies from all over […]

Aperitivi and Aperitivi Food in Italy

The aperitivo tradition is one of my favorite ones: a time to enjoy time with friends after work before heading home for dinner, or to skip dinner altogether once you enjoy the many snacks Italian bars will serve with their drinks- for free! Take a look at a few aperitivi in Italy- yummi!

Rivoli Restaurant, Berkeley

Rivoli is not your typical Italian restaurant, nor a trattoria. It is more of a Cal-Italian bistro, where fresh California produce find their way in newly inspired Italian dishes. However, Italian was the main language in the dining room when we were there, as another large table commented dinner in our native language, and we […]

Where to Buy Balsamic Vinegar

“Where to” is a column whose purpose is to summarize the content of many posts by product. Where can you buy Parmigiano? And where to eat the best gelato? Find out here! Balsamic vinegar is sold about everywhere- you can find it at Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and pretty much every store right now! However, traditional […]

Focaccia di Recco

Recco, a small town a few miles East of Genoa on the Italian Riviera, is not the most interesting city of that area. In fact, its most significant feature is culinary! Recco gives its name to the most famous focaccia dish- the Focaccia di Recco. It is said that in ancient times, the population of […]