The Grocery List Ferry Building Special Edition- Part 1: I Preferiti di Boriana

In San Francisco, the Ferry Building has become THE place for fancy food shopping in a matter of months. Premium local artisanal brands (like ACME and Scharffen Berger Chocolate) are side to side with one-of-a-kind specialty food stores, creating an interesting “food vibe.” You can hunt for your perfect Italian dinner there- and here’s a set of articles to prove it!

I Preferiti di Boriana

Boriana is Tuscan lady with a passion for her land. Her Ferry Building store is a celebration of the land of Montepulciano and Tuscany in general, showcasing specialties rarely found elsewhere. Boriana’s shelves are filled with typical Tuscan specialties under her own label, and some of them are fantastic! I particularly like the pomarola vases, where pomarola is Tuscan for tomato sauce (as opposed to pummarola in Campania). Seeing it on the shelves remind me of my grandma asking “Vuoi la pasta con la pomarola, Vanessa?” (Do you want tomato sauce pasta?) Pomarola is not used in Romagna, where I grew up, but it’s the word we would always use when visiting my mum’s family in Tuscany.

Boriana also carries the only Brigidini I was able to find in the city! Brigidini are wafer-thin fennel flavored cookies that really look like chips, typical of Lamporecchio, in Tuscany, and often made to order by street vendors. Legend has it that the nuns that made the community wafers for the dioceses would add sugar and anise to the batter to make sweets for the carnival sason ever since the Middle Ages.

And since we’re speaking of sweets, what should we say about the bomboloni? I don’t think Boriana’s are the best in the city, but they’re still pretty good! When you’re at the Ferry Building, not stopping there for one with coffee is a crime- in fact, Boriana set up a nice coffee corner where you can order an espresso or a cappuccino while people watching.

I Preferiti di Boriana
Ferry Building Marketplace
One Ferry Building
San Francisco, California 94111
(415) 402-0421

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