Cocola Bakery, San Jose and San Francisco

The glutton in me is hopelessly attracted to anything that says “bakery” in the window. At Cocola, I am never disapponted: rows and rows of fresh buttery croissants, brioches, cakes and sweets for all palates, and most importantly- breakfast food!

Italian breakfast is sweet sweet sweet: cappuccino and brioche, often with a custard filling, are a norm for “going out”, and caffelatte with biscotti is the standard fare for having breakfast at home. So, this egg and bacon thing? Not my style! Cocola caters to the sweet tooth that goes crazy for breakfast- a delicious chocolate brioche, maybe paired with a croissant? We’re so French when it seems convenient to us! ;)

Cocola in Santana Row has a sister store in the Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco. If you have to pick only one thing to try (ah, torture!!), don’t give up the chance to try the Creme Feuillette- a millefoglie-like pastry filled with Italian- style custard. Bring on the cappuccino!

333 Santana Row # 1045
San Jose, CA
(408) 551-0018

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