The True Story of Balsamic Vinegar (and How to Buy the Best!)

I sometimes get confused by the incredible array of products that are on the shelves under the “Balsamic Vinegar” label. True balsamic vinegar, always labeled Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, is a truly exceptional product that has been produced since 1000 AD and it was originally used as a tonic, as balsamico in Italian comes from the […]

The Grocery List: Rainbow Groceries, San Francisco

Let’s make it clear: homophobics, waste lovers, vegan-bashers: You are not welcome at Rainbow. I guess Rainbow is as San Francisco as it gets: the store is closed every year for the Gay Pride parade, and it doesn’t carry on the shelves any animal product- other than maybe the pet food aisle. Rainbow carries an […]

A Bad Food Week

I have to apologize, but this was a fairly bad food week. I have tried a couple of places in the South Bay that were on my list of “to go places”, and I always walked out disappointed. In fact, I didn’t have terrible meals, it was just that for one reason or another their […]

La Piadina

Emilia-Romagna is known as the gastronomic heartland of Italy. Although the region’s largest cities like Parma and Bologna are widely celebrated, not much time is ever spent talking about its sea-bordering land, Romagna, a land of culinary treasures- and the place where I am from. Products like the sea salt of Cervia (historically used by […]

Ristorante Ideale, San Francisco

Is Ideale the ideal restaurant? if you are looking not only for an authentic Italian restaurant, but also a genuine one, the answer is yes, Ideale is the ideal restaurant. If you are looking not only for good food but also for a warm welcome your answer is yes – again. Even on a crowded […]