Cafe Campbell, Campbell

When looking for gelato, Italians in the Bay Area are looking for two things: the texture and the taste of the one they enjoy at home. I have found that often I run into gelaterie that either have one or the other, but rarely both. Caffe’ Campbell is one of the few exceptions. Gelato is […]

The Grocery List: Cosentino’s Markets

A South Bay staple since 1948, Cosentino’s is somewhat halfway between a grocery store and an Italian deli. It looks and feel like a regular store, but on the shelves you will see delicacies that are quite hard to find elsewhere. Although a bit out of the way, I usually head there every now and […]

Romolo’s, San Mateo

Sicily contributes many delicious dishes to the Italian heritage, but I don’t think I crave any of them as much as cannoli. That’s why when I hear about a new place that makes them, I usually run and try it out!! Romolo’s in San Mateo is one of such places: in a very unassuming strip […]

Perbacco, San Francisco

Many Italian restaurants are somewhat “generically” Italian, choosing dishes from different regions and compiling a somewhat national menu. Since in Italy each region has a specific culinary heritage determined by the resources available locally (you can say Italian cuisine is apt for “locavores“!), traditional dishes in Sicily are very different from the Tuscan specialties. I […]

Emporio Rulli, Larkspur and San Francisco

The quest for a good Italian bakery seriously consumes Italian expats. In fact, you can eventually find a restaurant that serves a pasta dish you like, and if not you can always make your own! However, bakery and pastry items are a different story. Italians are very accostumed to their cappuccino with brioche for breakfast, […]