Quattro, Palo Alto

Quattro is the hip modern Italian restaurant inside the Four Seasons hotel in Palo Alto. It is a white tablecloth restaurant, quite sophisticated, with an amazing decor (the life-sized “negative space” sculptures representing the four seasons are quite impressive!). It is not a stuffy restaurant like you’d expect in a high-scale hotel like the Four Seasons, the service is great, and the price tag is hefty!

My friends and I have tried it in different occasions, and we’ve always found the food noteworthy. Starting with the amazing bread basket, featuring a variety of freshly baked Italian specialty breads (grissini, focaccia, ciabatta, etc.), the food was typical, consistent, and delicious.

On our last visit, we started with quite a few appetizers! I have a soft spot for octopus, so the sautéed octopus with broccolini was a natural choice for me! I loved the texture and the mix of flavors, although I think the octopus might have been previously frozen. It is rare to find fresh octopus in restaurants and even in stores!, so I was not surprised! We also shared a Quattro Pizza, with crescenza- another ingredient I never pass on when I see it in menus! The pizza was good- not memorable, but fairly good.

For entrees, we picked pasta. Quattro features a selection of homemade pastas that impresses the clients! Gnocchi were my favorite- they were light and fluffy, and seasoned to perfection. Gnocchi are time consuming to make at home (as I experimented first hand when I decided to make them for 8 people!), so I am always on the lookout for a place that does them to perfection, so I can hit it to tame my cravings! Quattro is certainly one of those places! We also ordered the quadrati with boar ragu’, another hit.

Meal wrapped up with bomboloni, but we weren’t too thrilled: they dust them with cinnamon! Other than that, it was a delicious meal…

Quattro Restaurant
2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 566-1200

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  1. we were at Quattro about a week ago. i really like the environment and i thought the food was really good. i had the pizza with sausage and it was good, but someone else in my dinner party had another pizza (forget which one) and he gave me a slice… it was AMAZING!

    Love the new look of the site. very hip and much better than the previous version.

    how about your own personal recipes? going out is great but sometimes you wanna cook at home. other than where to shop, do you have some ideas on how I could bring Italy to our modest Bay Area home?

    baby recipes especially welcome!


  2. [...] to prepare snacks and appetizers for the event- I can’t wait to try what Perbacco, Fish., Quattro and La Ciccia and have in store for us! And if that wasn’t enough, local food artisans are [...]

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