Emporio Rulli, Larkspur and San Francisco

Bombolone at Emporio Rulli

The quest for a good Italian bakery seriously consumes Italian expats. In fact, you can eventually find a

restaurant that serves a pasta dish you like, and if not you can always make your own! However, bakery and pastry items are a different story. Italians are very accostumed to their cappuccino with brioche for breakfast, and pastries after a Sunday lunch are a must in some Italian regions like Tuscany. Finding a good pasticceria becomes then crucial to tame the cravings that we get if we haven’t been back to Italy in a few months.

Enter Emporio Rulli. This fantastic bakery is a realization of everyone’s dream: fresh bomboloni (fried pastries filled with custard) during the weekend, single-serving Torta della Nonna (a pastry shell filled with custard and chocolate and topped with pine nuts), all sort of cookies imaginable (including meringhe and spumoni), seasonal treats (you must try chiacchiere during Carnival season!), and cakes like we’d have at home.

All pictures here are from the Larkspur Emporio Rulli location. Additional stores in san Francisco (on Chestnut int eh Marine, and a Union Square kiosk) and at SFO (International terminal).

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Emporio Rulli 1

Emporio Rulli 2

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Emporio Rulli
464 Magnolia Avenue
Larkspur, California 94939
(415) 924-7478

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  1. Love the photos of the food and the link off of FB… very clever! Now if someone likes my comment, they can click on my name and go to my insightful blog!

  2. [...] enough, local food artisans are also lined up for this event, like Caffe’ del Doge and Emporio Rulli. I think this is the closest I’m going to get to being in [...]

  3. [...] speaking of sweets, what should we say about the bomboloni? I don’t think Boriana’s are the best in the city, but they’re still pretty good! When you’re at the Ferry Building, not stopping there for [...]

  4. [...] Emporio Rulli is hands down the best pasticceria (pastry store) in the Bay. I am quite attached to our own way to do pastry- and I don’t mean cannoli and sfogliatelle (which are great!), but I mean the more traditional, northern Italian pastries filled with crema and whipped cream! I have never really gotten a hold of the butter-heavy French croissants and the American fascination with buttercream: all I ever want for breakfast is either a bombolone or a cornetto, croissant-shaped pastry roll filled with custard. Not much to ask, don’t you think?? Well, I can get that at Rulli, bless their heart! [...]

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