Caffe’ del Doge, Palo Alto

My little personal escape to Italy is when I afford myself the treat of having breakfast at Caffe’ del Doge. Even when I am in Italy, having breakfast out and get a cappuccino and a brioche is a great way to start the day, so having a place that makes me feel so much like at home so close by is a total treat!

At Caffe’ del Doge, the mood is set by the big sign over the coffee making machines:

Caffe’ del Doge- Sign

“Coffee is a platonic academy (…) where no lessons are taught, but where one learns socialization and enchantment. You can chat and tell stories, but you can’t preach, lecture, or instruct.” (From “Microcosmi” by Claudio Magris).

The sign sets the stage for the place that brings original Italian coffee culture downtown Palo Alto. Three blackboards of coffee drinks and aperitivi, the way every respectable Italian bar would have it, and a very laid back, relaxed atmosphere that invites you in for breakfast, a quick coffee break, or a late afternoon aperitivo.

Caffe’ del Doge- Breakfast

Breakfast at Il Doge is a great time to be immersed in the Italian atmosphere. Order a cappuccino and a brioche (they get theirs from an Italian producer, and then bake them fresh every morning with the addition of fresh custard- yummy!), get a table outside, and bring your favorite newspaper: you will join the faithful patrons that indulge in this morning pleasure like Italians do!

While cappuccino at Il Doge is good, espresso is outstanding. They roast their own coffee and then grind it to order, and the flavor in your tiny espresso cup really shows it! Depending on who is behind the counter, the cappuccino can turn out okay or great, but that is true all over the world (me, for example: I am banned from my family business’ cappuccino making process!).

Caffe’ del Doge- Espresso

I have had many wonderful coffee drinks at Il Doge, among which my favorite treat for an afternoon break is Cremino: a shot of coffee poured over white chocolate syrup, with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top- only allowed on gym days as it is the equivalent of a candy bar, even if served in a tiny cordial glass!
Caffe’ del Doge also offers a selection of quick sandwiches and small snacks, as well as a variety of desserts for your after-dinner cravings. Tiramisu’ is always on display, as well as several pies and assorted cookies.

Caffe’ del Doge- Pastry Display

Whether you want a mid morning break, a true Italian breakfast, a lunch snack or an after-dinner dessert, Caffe’ del Doge welcomes you with the familiarity of Italian bars. With a second location coming to downtown Palo Alto later this year (it seems they will be opening a stand inside the Caltrain station!), they are set to bring their Platonic Academy to the South Bay in force!

Caffe’ del Doge- Cappuccino

Caffe’ del Doge
419 University Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301
t: 650-323-3600

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