Ristorante Milano, San Francisco

Many Italian friends had recommended this small place on Russian Hill, and I was really pleasantly surprised to discover it for myself! The fresh made pasta selection was pretty extensive, and the entire dining experience was really pleasant. I ordered a glass of Verdicchio, a light white wine that I rarely see on wine lists, and I was ready to experience a really surprising meal!

The waiter approached us with a very long list of day’s special- everyday the chef has a different risotto, a different ravioli dish, and a different fish entree’. My friend opted for the Ravioli del Giorno while I sticked to the classical menu- I wanted to get a feeling of the dishes they prepare all the times!

We started by sharing a Mozzarella con Peperoni- grilled red peppers preserved in olive oil served with fresh mozzarella cheese on grilled polenta crostini.

Ristorante Milano- Antipasto

We then tried out the homemade pasta: Gnocchi for me and Ravioli for my friend. The gnocchi were light and incredibly soft (the waiter, whose recommendation I followed when ordering my main course, said they were “fluff as clouds”- how can you resist!?), the way they’re supposed to be, and the light tomato and gorgonzola sauce was pleasant but not overwhelming. The butternut squash ravioli were served in a brown butter and sage sauce, very light and a perfect accompaniment for the sweet filling. I was surprised that the filling was not overly sweet, and the little nutmeg in it made taste like my grandma’s recipe! The only criticism I had for both dishes is that they were “insipidi“, short on salt. Maybe not enough salt in the cooking water?

Ristorante Milano- Gnocchi

We ended our meal with tiramisu, served as a cake slice (as opposed to a cup, like in may other places). Dessert was light and pleasant, not overly sweet. The waiter was kind enough to ask whether we wanted our espresso with dessert or after- such a nice touch! In Italy, espresso is always the last thing you have- my espresso came after dessert and it made me feel at home!

Ristorante Milano- Tiramisu’

Ristorante Milano
1448 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415.673.2961

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