Zucca Mountain View

Zucca is a two-location restaurant that doesn’t brand itself as “Italian”. In fact, one of the locations, the one in Palo Alto, says it’s a “European Restaurant”. I had read plenty of good things about them, but I was a bit skeptical about the originality of their Italian food. My friend and I met at […]

Ristorante Milano, San Francisco

Many Italian friends had recommended this small place on Russian Hill, and I was really pleasantly surprised to discover it for myself! The fresh made pasta selection was pretty extensive, and the entire dining experience was really pleasant. I ordered a glass of Verdicchio, a light white wine that I rarely see on wine lists, […]

Cappuccino Etiquette

Raise a hand if you’ve heard at least once that Italians never drink cappuccino after 11am. Well, I get asked this so often that I thought it was time to shed some light and bring an end to the discussion on cappuccino. “Native” Italians tend to be outraged when foreigners order a cappuccino after a […]

La Biscotteria, Redwood City

I am not a great fan of what Americans call “Biscotti”, as the biscotti I usually have in Italy do not usually contain anise, and when they do it’s more of a slight taste, not an overload like I often find here. So, I was late in checking out this little shop on El Camino […]